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  • Medical Marijuana Certification
  • Gynecological exams
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Weight Loss and Nutritional Advice
  • Blood Drawing and EKG's
  • Spirometry
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Screens
  • Adult Vaccines (Flu shots, Pneumonia vaccines, Tetanus-Tdap)
  • School and work physicals
  • Pre-operative clearance

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The office of Dr. Marilyn Jackson offers online access to your medical records through a feature called the Patient Portal. Within the Portal, you will be able to schedule appointments, view lab reports, view prescriptions and place refill requests among a host of other functions. While calling into the office is always welcomed, the patient portal will give you the immediate access that a voicemail message may not always provide.  For your convenience, there is also an App (Healow) for your smart phone and devices.

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